Advantages of Security Items for Retailers


 A concluded study by the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) shows that over 42 million Americans have their job in the retail industry. Therefore, it is crucial that such jobs are protected from theft.  Technology has been outlined by RILA to be the crucial tool in the loss prevention battle. Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is a system that prevents loss and deters shoplifting. By definition, the EAS (electronic article surveillance) is a system that discourages shoplifting and avoids loss.  This work will explore some of the advantages that accrue from using the EAS security product so a retailer should read more here.

 There is the discouragement of theft by using the Sensornation EAS.  This is the principal benefit of the EAS.  It is most likely that the sales of a retail shop are increased form using the EAS.  This is since it is virtually- nonexistent for the losses of tagged products.  The EAS employs an antenna set at the entrance and the exit of a store.  When an item with a tag is passed through the invisible gate created by the EAS, the antenna activates an alarm.  The tags that prompt the system are stuck on the goods in the store. The sticker or hard tags are mainly deactivated at the checkout.  The security guard can then stand up to the shoplifter once the alarm goes.

 The EAS boost the safety of the staff.  Thieves refrain from making your shop a spot for theft due to the deterrent factor of the EAS.  In that case, the sales staff have reduced pressure. The added responsibility of prevention of theft and monitoring of the customers comes to an end. In addition, there is a reduction in the confrontations with the customers.  Rather than protecting merchandise, the employees can concentrate on sales, which boosts the safety of the employees for the business and the staff too.

 You can openly display your good when using the EAS.  The goal of thieves is those items with high value and those that can be resold easily.  As such, the retailers must protect such items form the shoplifters by all means.  The customers are forced to experience the same effect as the thieves because the goods are less accessible. The most common solutions have been cabinets that can be locked.  Therefore, the display in such cases was less impressive because the customers also had no access to the merchandise. There is the promotion of sales undoubtedly when the items are openly displayed because the customers like it.

 In conclusion, there is better customer service when using the EAS.  In the competitive retail surrounding, customer service is vital. The EAS provides the opportunity to switch the priority of the business from loss prevention to customer service. Know more about  Security Items here!


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